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DISTRICT 16: One three-year seat


Katie Delaney

Paul Heathwood

Gemma Clarke Sands


Katie Delaney has been a Bronxville resident for 12 years.  She and her husband have two children, one at Bronxville Middle School, one at the Bronxville High School.  Katie is a retired attorney, anti-money laundering specialist and investigator of white collar and corporate fraud & abuse, who graduated from Boston College and Temple University School of Law.   Katie has volunteered in the community in many capacities, as a member of the Bronxville PTA Executive Board, Memorial Day Chair (2 consecutive years), PTA Auction committee for the Library “Next Chapter” Benefit (2015), BOLD (9 yrs), Athletic Council (2yrs), MS Council - Teen Center, MS Council - 6th grade chair, and Girl Scout Troop Leader (6 yrs).     


In her own words, “I believe that The Bronxville School is the ‘crown jewel’ of our small community and village. We are entrusting it to those who serve as Board of Education Trustees. I want to ensure that those candidates have a vision that aligns with the values of this community, and are just as invested in its continued success - as myself and all the other volunteers of the PTA have been with our time, work and dedication to the greater Bronxville School community.”



Paul Heathwood has lived in Bronxville for 12 years, with three children attending the Bronxville School, two in the High School and one in the Middle School.  Paul is an investment management professional with Investment Management Boston Partners.  He has also volunteered extensively for the past seven years as a baseball and soccer coach for TYA and EYSA respectively.      


In his own words “The Bronxville School and the education our children receive is the centerpiece of our village.  I would like to give back to our community by volunteering my time and efforts to help assure that we continue to have a strong Board of Education. My wife, Jennifer Heathwood has been active with the Bronxville School PTA, serving as President and in many other roles over the last 10 years.  And, my sister, Jennifer Russo, is wrapping up 6 years of service on the Bronxville School Board of Education.  I would like to continue our family tradition of volunteering for our school and giving back to the Bronxville community.”



Gemma Sands and her family have lived in Bronxville for six years. She and her husband have two children attending the Bronxville School, one a rising third grader, and one beginning kindergarten in the fall. Gemma has written about sports, culture and lifestyle for a range of publications including The Guardian, The Times, the Daily Telegraph and the London Evening Standard and is the author of Soccerwomen (Bold Type Books/Hachette, 2019) She is a WGA screenwriter and holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence college, where she taught creative writing to middle schoolers from Yonkers Public Schools. She is passionate about education and literacy and has volunteered as a literacy mentor. In  2021, she helped launch the Bronxville Green Committee’s food scrap recycling initiative. 


In her own words, Gemma “would love to assist with the process of school board elections, gaining knowledge and perspective along the way. In turn, I feel my journalistic traits of listening, understanding and asking key questions would be a benefit to the committee.”

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