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Bronxville School Trustee Election is Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The NPC will accept applications for candidates for school trustee
beginning February 1, 2023.  Read more at "Run for School Board"

All Residents:  Please participate in the 2022 ARC Survey by January 20th
to provide feedback on the NPC Process.

Read more about this year's 

Advisory Review Committee ("ARC)" 

whose members will facilitate a review of

the NPC Rules of Procedure

that includes this survey and other community feedback. 

This year's ARC members are: Michelle Antonini, Jane Devereux,

Lindy Devereux, Will Fulton, Steve Krause, Jane Moynihan, and Aaron Shafer.

The NPC Plan, first adopted in 1936, outlines the mission of the NPC to "procure the election of the Trustees of the Bronxville School District in a non-partisan manner .... In choosing such candidates, their party affiliations shall be disregarded and consideration given solely to their qualifications for the position."

The NPC Rules of Procedure in Section IV, 14 describes the criteria to be applied in selecting Trustees as follows:​ "It is the policy of the Committee that a nominee for Trustee shall be an individual whose educational or professional background and/or volunteer experience will enhance the candidate’s effectiveness and who will make a substantial contribution to the deliberations of the Board. The candidate must be knowledgeable about the needs of the Bronxville School and community and must be a registered voter in the Bronxville, N.Y. election district. Candidates must be aware of the heavy time requirements for service on the Board of Trustees, and prepared to make allowances in their vocational and personal commitments so that they will be able to attend all meetings and fulfill committee assignments." 



Term Expires in 2023

  • Michael Finley

  • Jennifer Russo

Term Expires in 2024

  • Susan Conniff, President

  • Miki Kapoor

Term Expires in 2025

  • Michael Brandes, Vice President

  • Peter McSherry

  • Edward Lennon

List of BOE Committee Assignments (2022-2023)

2022-23 Board Meeting Dates

Recording of Public  BOE Meetings on YouTube



  • Bronxville School YouTube Channel


Key Dates: 2022 - 2023

(Link to 2022-23 District School Calendar)

September 20: NPC Members Orientation Meeting

October 4& 6: NPC Member Rule Review 

October 31: Deadline to volunteer for ARC

November 15: Annual Open Mtg w/ Superintendent & BOE President 

November 30: Community Feedback to ARC

January 12: NPC Committee Lead Meetings

January 24: Full NPC Meeting @ Library

January 31: Full NPC Meeting via Video Conference

February 1:  NPC Applications available for submission

February 28: NPC Open Meeting re Application

March 1: NPC Applications for BOE Trustee Due

April 11: Announcement of NPC Trustee Candidates for BOE Election

April 19: Meet the NPC Candidates Reception

May 16: BOE Trustee Election

In late May/early June, the NPC holds elections across Bronxville's seven districts for new members.  


More info at "Join NPC"

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