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NPC Bios for Current BOE Members / Former Nominees


Contested Election History 

  • 1948 – First contested election since the NPC's formation in1936. The NPC nominated two candidates , Marjory Clifford and Albert Williams, to run against incumbent board member Marvin Bower.  See Bronxville Reporter, 11 March 1948.  The two NPC candidates won. See Article

The next contested election was in 1983, which led to the NPC forming the Advisory Review Committee (ARC) in 1984 to obtain independent community review its procedures.

  • 1983  – Incumbent school board members: Frances Hardart and Germaine Safford were contesting the NPC endorsed nominees: Joseph Rice (NPC) and Briscoe (Sandy) Smith (NPC).  Briscoe Smith (NPC) was defeated by Frances Hardart, while NPC nominee Joseph Rice won, defeating Germain Safford.  See Bronxville Review Press and Reporter, 12 May 1983

  • 1996:  NPC Nominees: Maureen Barton and Jeffrey Keenan were against incumbents Rosemary Lorenz and Jane Burke.  Maureen Barton (NPC) won defeating Rosemary Lorenz and Jane Burke defeated Jeffrey Keenan (NPC).  John Priesing and John Hupelo won uncontested seats, with 988 and 895 votes, respectively. See Bronxville Review Press and Reporter, 23 May 2002

  • 2002:  Richard Dresdale opposed NPC nominee Peter Stace (NPC) defeated and Richard Dresdale won;  Of 1243 votes, Dresdale received 774.   See Bronxville Review Press and Reporter, 23 May 2002

  • 2012  Bill Rizzo opposes Jeff Rohr (NPC) and Jeff Rohr wins.  See Patch article

  • 2015  Mariellen Carpenter opposes Mary Giuffra (NPC) via write-in.  Mary Giuffra wins.  See MyHometown Bronxville article.

  • 2016 - 2020 - All five elections are uncontested elections 

  • 2021    Martin Palmeri runs against NPC Nominees Miki Kapoor and HS student Liam Heraty run against  Susan Connie.  Both NPC Candidates prevail.  Vote Counts: Kapoor 619 to 318; Conniff  759 to  206)   

  • 2022  NPC Candidate Michael Brandes runs unopposed; Pete McSherry runs against NPC's Erin Bertocci Seuffert wins 628 to 598 votes; Eddie Lennon runs against NPC choice Alexa Pappas Zannetos wins 622 to 609 votes

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