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NPC Executive Committee 2023-24

We are pleased to announce our leadership team for the coming year 2023-24, effective as of July 1st: Jim Cherundolo, Chair (District 21); Tatiana Castro-Taboas, Vice Chair (District 18); Vincent McBride (District 18) and Simone Kane, Secretary / Treasurer (District 16).  We look forward to welcoming new members following the June 6th election, and extend our deep appreciation for members completing their final year: Chris O’Gorman (Vice Chair), Michael Ching, Elizabeth Kiehner, Erin Lovett and Shelly Klose whose contributions and service to the NPC has been invaluable. 


Jim Cherundolo



Vincent McBride

Vice Chair


Tatiana Castro-Taboas

Vice Chair


Simone Kane

Secretary / Treasurer

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