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2022 - 2023 NPC Members (see Alums List)

The NPC consists of 21 seats, three seats each for the seven districts of Bronxville.  Each seat comes with a three-year term, such that every year seven seats are vacant.  In the event a member moves or retires before his or her term is up, a new member may serve a partial term and will be eligible to run for re-election for a full term.  To join the NPC, visit Join the NPC.


District 16

Sandra Borducci - 2023* (serving one year term; eligible for re-election)

Wendy Halley (Chair) - 2024

Simone Kane - 2025

District 17

Michael Ching - 2023

Laura Busker - 2024

Jamie Powell Schwartz - 2025

District 18

Elizabeth Kiehner - 2023

Tatiana Castro-Taboas (Secretary) - 2024

Vincent McBride - 2025

District 19

Shelley Klose - 2023

Jonathan Beer - 2024

Alexandra Hoopes Remmel - 2025

District 20

Jose Manuel Rodriguez - 2023 (serving one year term; eligible for re-election)

Robert Andrews - 2024

Tracey Di Brino - 2025

District 21

Chris O' Gorman (Vice Chair) - 2023

James Cherundolo (Treasurer) - 2024

Anne Marie Hein Niogi - 2025

District 22

Erin Lovett - 2023

Donald Bringle - 2023* (serving a partial term of 2024 seat)

Michael Girimonti - 2025

See NPC 2022-2023 Committee
Assignments (link)



As of October 24, 2022, we welcomed back Don Bringle to serve through June 30, 2023, who volunteered to fill the seat for a retiring member.  His temporary appointment will expire this June, and we will be eligible to run for reelection in his district.  Don previously served the NPC in 2019.

As of July 1, 2022, we welcomed the following new members:

Simone Kane (District 16, 3-Yr Term)

Sandra Borducci (District 16, 1-Yr Term)

Jamie Powell Schwartz (District 17, 3-Yr Term)

Vincent McBride (District 18, 3-Yr Term) 

Alexandra Hoopes Remmel (District 19, 3-Yr Term)

Tracey Di Brino (District 20, 3-Yr Term)

Jose Manuel Rodriguez (District 20, 1-Yr Term)

Anne Marie Hein Niogi (District 21 3-Yr Term)

Michael Girimonti (District 22, 3-Yr Term)

We thank the nine members of the committee who served in 2021-2022Ed Reilly (Chair), Jeff Hine (Vice Chair), Dean Vanderwarker (Treasurer), Nick Willoughby (Secretary), Beata Gocyk-Farber, Eleyna Whittingham, Lee Huang, Anthony Mercando and Jocelyn Angelone.  These individuals generously donated their time and energy to ensuring that qualified candidates for school board trustee run for the school board. Their service to the NPC and to the community is deeply appreciated.

A full listing of NPC Alumni can be found at

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