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Dear neighbors,

 Every four years, the Bronxville Non-Partisan Committee (“NPC”) – the volunteer organization that is charged with recruiting, vetting, and endorsing school board candidates – undertakes a review process by which it seeks to gather input from the community as to how to improve the NPC.


This review is conducted by an Advisory Review Committee (“ARC”) – a group of volunteers outside of the NPC - and aims to continually ensure that the NPC is optimally serving and remains relevant to Bronxville.

The members of this year’s ARC are: Michelle Antonini, Jane Devereux, Lindy Devereux, Will Fulton, Jane Moynihan, and Aaron Shafer.

We want to hear from you. What can the NPC do better? What would you like to see changed? How can the NPC operate differently to best support the identification and election of highly qualified members of the school board? 

There are two ways to provide your feedback:

1.       Email 

2.       Complete the survey here

Your voice is critically important to the ARC process. Please consider taking the time to share it with us. Please provide feedback by November 30.

All responses - whether via email or survey - will be shared only among the ARC members and will inform what specific topics or changes the committee ultimately addresses. The broad themes of the feedback we receive will be made publicly available.

At the conclusion of the ARC process, the committee will provide a report and recommendation(s) to the NPC. This output will be made publicly available on the NPC website. The adoption of the ARC’s recommendation is then put to a vote of the NPC.

Please note that the actual mechanics of the school board election are set forth in village bylaws and therefore beyond the purview of the NPC and therefore the scope of this review. 

With gratitude,

Michelle, Jane, Lindy, Will, Jane, and Aaron



 The NPC’s Advisory Review Committee (ARC) process was introduced in 1984 following a contested election.  Among the changes resulting from the 1984 ARC was the requirement that the NPC convene additional advisory review committees to review NPC rules and procedures every four years.  The ARC’s role is to provide recommendations that will enable NPC to incorporate constructive feedback from the community.  


Accordingly, we will convene an Advisory Review Committee (ARC) this year to review the rules, procedures, and effectiveness of the Non-Partisan Committee.  Our objective is to keep the NPC effective and up-to-date.  The ARC will consider ideas from the ARC members, current and former members of the NPC, current or former members of the Board of Education, and suggestions from the community and any other interested stakeholder.  

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