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    Elections begin today for eight representatives to join the Bronxville Non-Partisan Committee (NPC). One representative from each of Bronxville’s seven voting districts will be elected to serve a three-year term. This year, District 20 will also elect a representative to serve a one-year term to replace a member who is unable to complete the final year of their term. In District 20, the candidate that receives the most votes will serve a three-year term and the candidate that receives the 2nd most number of votes will serve a one-year term. The candidates (in alphabetical order) seeking membership on the NPC are: District 16: Sandra Borducci District 17: Jonathan Barnes, Jamie Schwartz District 18: Holt Goddard, Vincent McBride District 19: Steve Krause, Alexandra Remmel, Kate Milliken Vaughey District 20: Tracey Di Brino, Antoinette O'Connell, Jose Rodriguez District 21: Anne Marie Hein Niogi District 22: Michael Girimonti Voting continues through June 10th. All residents of Bronxville are eligible and encouraged to vote for the representative in their district. Statements from each candidate are available within the voting link. *VOTE NOW ONLINE AT THE LINK BELOW* Questions regarding the election can be directed to the NPC email The NPC is made up of twenty-one members, three elected from each of Bronxville’s seven voting districts. The NPC’s role is to recruit, vet, and endorse candidates to run for the Bronxville School Board of Trustees. The committee meets regularly throughout the year for this purpose. Sincerely, The Bronxville Non Partisan Committee Please visit our website:


    The Bronxville Non-Partisan Committee (“NPC”) has endorsed three nominees: Alexa Pappas Zannetos, Erin Bertocci Seuffert and Michael Brandes, for the election of Trustees for the Bronxville School Board on May 17th, 2022. Your participation in this year's election is important as Alexa and Erin are running in contested elections. Polls are open on Tuesday May 17th from 7:00am to 9:00pm in the Blue Gym of the Bronxville School through the Meadow Avenue entrance. Alexa Pappas Zannetos: Global Head of Employment Law for Morgan Stanley. Alexa is the only lawyer running and will be the only lawyer on the school board if elected. The school board addresses numerous employment, labor and legal issues and we would be fortunate to have a world-class legal mind serving our district. Read Alexa’s Letter to the Community Read Bronxville Residents’ Endorsement of Alexa Erin Bertocci Seuffert: Global Sales Campaign Management Lead at Accenture and NYU Adjunct Professor. Erin is an expert in change management and an educator with a long family history in Bronxville and a child in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Bronxville is facing a major transition with the hiring of a new superintendent and Erin’s expertise in helping organizations manage change and background in education as a University Professor will bring valuable insights to our school board. Read Erin’s Letter to the Community Read Bronxville Residents’ Endorsement of Erin Michael Brandes: Former Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Research for the Private Bank at Itaú Unibanco and former Citigroup executive. Michael’s deep financial, strategy and communications skills will be critical in helping navigate complex budget and financial planning challenges the board faces. To learn more about the NPC nominees, please visit: The NPC nomination process The NPC was formed in 1936 to foster the election of Trustees of the Bronxville School on a non-partisan basis. This has proven to be very successful for Bronxville, leading to decades of responsive and proactive governance for our District. The NPC’s goal is to seek highly qualified Bronxville residents committed to serving our community. This year’s vetting process included the following: Meeting with current and former Trustees to understand the challenges and needs of the School Board. Reviewing written application materials submitted by the candidates. Interviewing each of the 12 candidates. Conducting phone reference checks with over 40 different individuals. Reviewing over 70 emails that were received from the community regarding the candidates. Meeting with community members to solicit additional feedback NPC Members The Non-Partisan Committee is composed of 21 Bronxville residents who are elected by a public process (3 representatives from each of Bronxville’s 7 election districts). This year’s NPC consists of a diverse group of individuals that are engaged members of the community with a vested interest in the success of the Bronxville school system. Details about the NPC membership include: 10 women and 11 men. Over 185 years of cumulative experience living and working in Bronxville. Parents to over 50 children with students in each of the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Diverse set of professional backgrounds across healthcare, technology, publishing, real estate, social services, law, consulting, marketing and finance.

  • Bronxville NPC Seeks New Members

    WANT TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD IN THE RECRUITMENT, VETTING AND NOMINATION OF BRONXVILLE SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES? RUN FOR THE NPC! If you are at least 18 years old, have lived in Bronxville for at least one year and are not an elected official of the Village, officer of a political party, or currently seeking elective office in either the Village or a political party you are eligible to run for a seat on the NPC. The NPC consists of three elected representatives from each of Bronxville’s seven election districts who serve staggered three-year terms. Each year, there is an election for an open seat in each of the seven election districts. This year, due to a NPC member moving out of the district, an additional 1-year term seat is open in district 20. Thus, there will be 8 newly elected members to the NPC. Residents can have their names placed on a ballot for election to the NPC by submitting an application by May 18, 2022. The application can be found on our website: An online public voting period will commence shortly thereafter.

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  • District 19 Bios | Bronxville NPC

    DISTRICT 19 : One-three year seat ​ Candidates: Tshering Amdo Amy Brown ​ TSHERING AMDO , M.D. Tshering (Jerry) has lived in Bronxville since 2019. He and his wife have three children, two currently in Bronxville Elementary School (grades 3 and 1) and one in pre-K at RCNS, heading to the Bronxville Elementary School fall of 2023. Tshering is an Associate Professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and the Section Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care at NYU Langone Health-Brooklyn. He is concurrently pursuing an Executive Master's Degree in Health Administration at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. In the past, Tshering founded a non-profit organization Global Tibetan Professionals Network. GTPN is a volunteer-based networking forum consisting of Tibetan professionals from North America. The organization aims to connect and build a support network of Tibetan professionals in North America and globally. The organizational goals are to mentor aspiring young Tibetans through networking and sharing ideas, information, and resources. In his words, "Bronxville Village is a great place to live and bring up your precious young ones. But we can make this place better and safer. We engage in efforts to make Bronxville a walk and bike-friendly town. We petition to keep our village safe for children and everyone to walk and bike around the village without traffic hazards. I am eager to collaborate with like-minded people to initiate and create change." And regarding his desire to serve on the NPC, "Each of us has transcended from being individuals to life partners to parents. Our children and our school community are important aspects of our lives. I can contribute by using my innate leadership skill sets and participating in discussions and policy-making to build a better future for our children in the school and the community. I want to be an integral part of a dedicated committee that focuses on our children's growth while focusing on diversity, equality, and innovation." ​ AMY BROWN Amy and her husband, Kevin, have lived in Bronxville for over ten years, having previously lived in New York City and Brooklyn. Their oldest son attends Bronxville High School, their middle son is currently completing a gap year and will return to Bronxville High School in the fall, and their youngest child is in third grade at the Elementary School. Amy has served in many volunteer roles in the community, including the Parent Board of RCNS, ES Class parent for almost every grade from K-5, as well as Chair of the ES Book Fair. Amy has also served as MS Council Secretary and PTA Executive Council Secretary. In addition, Amy is an involved parishioner of Christ Church Bronxville and currently volunteers for Stable Therapy and Learning at Twin Lakes Farm in Eastchester. She is an avid tennis mom and looks forward to seeing both boys play for the Varsity tennis team next spring. This year the Broncos are in the final four at States—Go Broncos! Amy holds a degree in the History of Art from the University of Virginia, and prior to moving to Bronxville she was the Associate Director of Development at American Ballet Theatre. In her own words, “As a resident and extremely involved parent over the last ten years, I consider the Bronxville School to be the heart and soul of our small community. I have served the school and community in numerous capacities over the years, and would like to continue by joining the NPC. Of the many characteristics and qualities that truly make Bronxville a special place to live, it is the prevailing sense of community that I would like to continue to see thrive in our village. I hope the NPC will continue to be viewed as a community builder as its members identify and interview candidates for the Board of Education. Our sense of community depends upon individuals setting aside any political views as we come together as parents and concerned citizens to continue to ensure students are offered an exceptional academic and emotional experience at the school.”

  • Home | Bronxville NPC

    Congratulations Sara Kenny & Christina Skinner NEXT UP: NPC Member Elections June 6, 2023 Find Your District on the Map Apply to Run for the NPC (Due 5/30; Election June 6th) List of Current NPC Members List of NPC Alums About the NPC Why We Are Called “Nonpartisan Committee ” The NPC Plan Adopted 1936 (as amended) The NPC Rules of Procedure (as amended) Select BOE Info & List of Trustees Advisory Review Committee of 2022-23 Trustee Election Vote Counts To Donate to the NPC To Join our Mailing List or Ask Questions: About the NPC The NPC Plan , first adopted in 1936, outlines the mission of the NPC to "procure the election of the Trustees of the Bronxville School District in a non-partisan manner .... In choosing such candidates, their party affiliations shall be disregarded and consideration given solely to their qualifications for the position." ​ The NPC Rules of Procedure in Section IV, 14 describes the criteria to be applied in selecting Trustees as follows:​ "It is the policy of the Committee that a nominee for Trustee shall be an individual whose educational or professional background and/or volunteer experience will enhance the candidate’s effectiveness and who will make a substantial contribution to the deliberations of the Board. The candidate must be knowledgeable about the needs of the Bronxville School and community and must be a registered voter in the Bronxville, N.Y. election district. Candidates must be aware of the heavy time requirements for service on the Board of Trustees, and prepared to make allowances in their vocational and personal commitments so that they will be able to attend all meetings and fulfill committee assignments." CURRENT BRONXVILLE SCHOOL BOARD Term Expires in 2023 Michael Finley Jennifer Russo ​ Term Expires in 2024 Susan Conniff, President Miki Kapoor ​ Term Expires in 2025 Michael Brandes, Vice President Peter McSherry Edward Lennon ​ List of BOE Committee Assignments ( 2022-2023) 2022-23 Board Meeting Dates Recording of Public BOE Meetings on YouTube ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ CURRENT NEWS & KEY DATES Key Dates: 2022 - 2023 (Link to 2022-23 District Scho ol Calendar) ​ September 20: NPC Members Orientation Meeting October 4& 6: NPC Member Rule Review October 31: Deadline to volunteer for ARC November 15: Annual Open Mtg w/ Superintendent & BOE President November 30: Community Feedback to ARC January 12: NPC Committee Lead Meetings January 24: Full NPC Meeting @ Library January 31: Full NPC Meeting via Video Conference February 1: NPC Applications available for submission March 1: NPC Applications for BOE Trustee Due March 14 & 21: Applicant Interviews April 11: Announcement of NPC Trustee Candidates for BOE Election April 19: Meet the NPC Candidates Reception May 16: BOE Trustee Election May 17: NPC Open Meeting with Advisory Committee May 30: NPC Member Application Due ​ In late May/early June, the NPC holds elections across Bronxville's seven districts for new members. More info at "Join NPC " ​ ​ ​

  • District 22 Bios | Bronxville NPC

    District 22: One three-year seat: one one-year seat. ​ CANDIDATES: Jamie Abru zzo Don Bringle Alexandra Karpathios Sid Sandilya ​ Jamie Abruzzo Jamie Abruzzo is a lifelong village resident and graduate of the Bronxville School. She is active in the community as a member of the Junior League. ​ Jamie has worked in real estate since 2000 and is currently an associate broker at Julia B Fee Sotheby’s in Bronxville. Previously, Jamie was an international private banking relationship manager at Citicorp and Banco Santander. Jamie has a Bachelor’s of Science in Languages and Linguistics from Georgetown University. ​ Jamie believes that her lifelong experience as a resident and Bronxville graduate can make a valuable contribution to the NPC. ​ Don Bringle Don Bringle and his wife, Emily have lived in Bronxville for the past 10 years. Their children, Ava and William, are eighth graders at the Bronxville Middle School. ​ Don works in Operations at CoreStaff. He is an active volunteer at the school having lent his time to the Bronxville After School Program, Math Olympiad Parent Representative and the NPC. Don has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Master’s of Science degree from the University of Southern California. ​ Don believes that the Bronxville School is the centerpiece of the community. In addition, as a resident of District 22, Don feels that while a number of residents do not have children in the school, they should be represented and informed of the issues that come before the Board of Education and Trustee Candidates. ​ Alexandra Karpathios Alexandra and her husband, John have lived in Bronxville for the past 5 years. They have two children at the Bronxville Elementary School, one in 4th grade and one in 2nd grade. Alexandra is a 7th Grade U.S. History and Civics and Social Justice Teacher, NYCDOE. ​ Alexandra holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from Fordham University a Master’s of Science degree in Secondary Teaching from Iona College and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Museum Studies at CUNY SPS. ​ In her own words, “I have been teaching in public schools for 17 years. My first hand experience in the schools gives me valuable insight to the impact of the decisions made by adults on students. As a member of the NPC, I will have the opportunity to evaluate options that prioritize the best interests of Bronxville students. I have developed curriculum that actively engages students and fosters their growth as active members of their community. By teaching them to be citizens of an evolving world, I am preparing them for challenges and opportunities that they will encounter throughout their lives. Empowering students to be active participants in their communities can have a lasting positive impact. I am dedicated to creating meaningful experiences that will help shape future generations and as a part of the NPC, I will bring this passion to serve our community in Bronxville.” ​ Sid Sandilya Sid Sandilya, his wife, Elka Kancheva, and their two children have resided in Bronxville for the past 7 years. Their son is a senior and their daughter is a sophomore at the Bronxville High School. Sid is a global equities Portfolio Manager at Eisler Capital. He holds a BA from the University of Oxford, and two master’s degrees from Columbia University. ​ Sid was a former mentor with the Honor Foundation, which helps retiring US special forces build careers in the private sector. He was also a former board member of Pure Earth, a pollution remediation non-profit organization. In his own words, “Maintaining the academic rigor and the “Bronxville Promise” are critical to why my family and I continue to live in our town. I want to see these standards upheld and further built upon. I have lived continuously in District 22 since 2016 and appreciate the concerns of its residents.”

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