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DISTRICT 17one three year seat & one-two year seat

TIEBREAKER: Voting and instructions are at this link


Michelle Antonini

Matt Christ

Michael Utell


Michelle and her husband John have lived in Bronxville for over five years, with two children attending Bronxville Elementary and one attending Bronxville Middle School.  Michelle has a degree in International Relations from Michigan State University - James Madison College.  Michelle volunteers for the Bronxville School and in the community as a Bronxville Elementary School Council Grade Chair, Bronxville Middle School Council Grade Chair, Bronxville Character and Community Chairperson, Community Fund Evaluator.  She also served as an RCNS Board Member for 3 years.


In addition, Michelle is serving the Bronxville NPC’s own Advisory Review Committee, an independent group which reviews community feedback regarding the NPC and makes recommendations on its Rules and Procedures.   


In her own words, Michelle would like “To serve our school and community, provide a meaningful evaluation of the candidates that will lead our school board, up hold the high standards of the Bronxville School District.   I have gained valuable insight from many community members as a result of my time on the ARC committee. I have been privy to the surveys and statement of a wide cross section of Bronxville residents.  Serving on the ARC I have helped to create the recommendations that will help the NPC to continue to best serve Bronxville.” 


Matt and his wife Lindsey have lived in Bronxville for two years. They have two children at the Bronxville Elementary School and a six-month old future Bronco.  Matt is a debt investor for emerging markets and climate at Ninety One, where he invests in companies and projects that are leading to global decarbonization. He is a graduate of Middlebury College, with a degree in English and French, and holds an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business, with a focus on Value Investing.  Matt's volunteer work has included being a Big Brother with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, serving as an alumni interviewer, reunion chair and class agent for 15 years for Middlebury.  He has also volunteered with the Good Dog Foundation in New York and Aspire, a tuition-free academic enrichment and leadership program in Cleveland for high-achieving students from under-resourced schools. 

In Matt’s own words, “Growing up the son of the head of a high performing K-12 school, I have long understood the transformative power of accomplished academic leadership supported by a strong, dedicated board. For a school to thrive and excel, good governance is critical - and here that starts with recruiting, vetting and electing Trustees who will work tirelessly to uphold the Bronxville Promise. The NPC is a unique institution, born of the community and committed to operating above politics to serve our common goal: an excellent school, allowing every child in the Village to grow and thrive. I would be honored to dedicate myself to this effort."  


Michael Utell and his wife Whitney have lived in Bronxville for nine years, the past two and half in the school district.  They have two children, one in the Bronxville Elementary School, and another who will enroll in the Fall in Kindergarten.  Michael is the CEO of the software engineering firm CodeScience, and holds an MBA from the Duke University Fuqua School of Business and his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University. 

In his own words, “The Bronxville NPC is a tremendous asset to our village: an organization that evaluates, without prejudice or bias, members of our community who are equipped to take responsibility for shaping the policies, curriculum, and finances of our school that is in so many ways the heart of this town.  We are so fortunate to have a team of interested and engaged residents in the NPC who provide a service to Bronxville by performing diligent candidate identification and vetting so that a confident and well-informed endorsement can be made of those who will prioritize both the best interest of our school and the balanced education of our children above all else.”  

“I welcome the opportunity to become a part of the NPC team; to serve our community by ensuring that our School Board is comprised of the leadership needed to carry forward the tradition of excellence that our school prides itself on. My objective will be to confidently articulate to my community and my neighbors that the candidates that the NPC puts forward have the best qualifications and the right intentions for joining our School Board.  That the individuals have appropriate motivations for running, that they bring a skillset to the Board that complements the existing members, that they have the level of commitment required for the demands of the role, and that they intend to represent the entirety of the Bronxville community.  Our village needs to have confidence in the NPC vetting process, and we should feel assured that the NPC selected those they put forward in an ethical, collaborative, and non-partisan manner.  I appreciate the opportunity to join this committee to represent District 17 in bringing this confidence and carrying out the mission of the NPC.”

Through his business, Michael is actively involved in community and volunteer work in metropolitan areas across the country.

Voting and instructions are at this link

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