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Jose Manuel Rodriguez

Professionally, I’ve had a career as an institutional salesperson and an investor. I’ve developed a deep interest in technology and recently completed an immersive software engineering program to pursue this interest.


Personally, my wife Dana and I were married in 2007. In 2010, we welcomed our first child to the world. We moved from Manhattan to Bronxville a year later. Dana grew up in Westchester and, familiar with the exceptional reputation of The Bronxville School, we wanted to raise our child in Bronxville. In 2012, our second child arrived. We have enjoyed raising our boys in Bronxville, watching them grow into little gentlemen, creating formative friendships and participating in the community through sports and other activities.


I care deeply about the safety and the well-being of my children and all of those in the Bronxville community. I believe in the Bronxville promise and want to keep that promise alive. Being part of the NPC represents an opportunity to uphold the traditions and ever enhance the quality of the education offered to the children in our community.

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